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bee Spring Valley Honey Farms is a family business, owned and operated by Curt and Connie Bronnenberg in Perry, Iowa. Curt is a second generation beekeeper and has  been involved in beekeeping his entire life.

bee Spring Valley Honey Farms has been managing honey bees for 32 years. We currently manage 4000 honey bee colonies. We produce and market over 140,000 pounds of honey annually. Most of our honey is sold in 55 gallon drums.

bee During the summer, we provide pollination services to Iowa orchards. During the cold Iowa winters, we provide pollination services to almond orchards in California.

bee Our daughters, Christa, Chelsa, Cara, and Ciera help with bottling the honey and making hand-made bath and beauty products from honey and beeswax.

beeWe have expanded our product line to include candles, pure and flavored creamed honeys.

bee We will have a full line of bee keeping equipment for sale by mid-April.




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